TJ Racoosin 
tj@rSolutions.net 831.915.1664

Microsoft Certified Professional with 12 years experience in information technology program management.

Key Skills
• Program Management for best value IT system solutions
• Trade-off studies for “build, buy or both” technology alternatives
• Meaningful technical communication relevant to management, knowledge workers and software developers.
• A passion for work, especially online solutions.
• Software Test and Evaluation Management
• Microsoft: C#, VB, ASP, ADO, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Access, Office VBA
• Open Source: MySQL, HTML, Javascript, XML, XLST

System Solutions

Student Information Systems: Program Manager for student achievement and demographics systems to support Monterey County Office of Ed and California State reporting requirements. System integrates web (Focus/SIS), local assessment data, and state standardized testing results to produce comprehensive student profiles.

Performance Assessment Reporting System Online
: Assessment system for Navy Admirals, or “CEOs”. Includes multi-year assessments with routing, time-stamp signatures, trait averages for summary groups & seniors, email notification and admin tools. Architecture facilitates disconnected work and leverages existing processes.

Voice to Text Service. Application captures physician voice recordings, generates text file transcripts and stores results in MySQL database for medical enterprise access. Developed with Visual Basic.NET; implements Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Collaborative Financial Data Consolidation and Analysis System for consortium of investors & trade associations in community development. System imports, validates and structures industry data to support multidimensional analysis. System includes pivot tables and charts for flexible filter, “drill through” reporting needs.

Optical Filter Certification Application Enhancements for government agency. Supports diverse import formats, and provides automated certification reports.

Integrated Product Management System
for specialty bookseller. Access front end to web, inventory management, purchasing databases (SQL Server and Unidata) that links to marketing information to enable real-time product procurement, promotion, and marketing to wholesale and retail customers.

Energy Utility Marketing system: Project accomplishments include normalization of complex data set, intuitive user interface with treeview navigation, dynamic charting and reporting for 37-table data model